Factory Act Consultants

PINNACLE CONSULTANCY Management Services provide the best Factory Act Consultant Services in India.
As the top and notable Factories Act Consultant, we at PINNACLE CONSULTANCY provide full and best services to businesses in various sectors. For the best services, total compliance with the Factories Act 1948 necessitates a significant deal of administrative knowledge and skill.
We have a team of the most experienced and professional staffs that serve our clients with the greatest service in terms of expertise and technologically driven system as the preeminent service provider as Factories Act Compliance in India. As a result, your company will be able to concentrate on its main business.

We provide several services as a Factories Act Consultant:

We provide all types of services and support to Factories under the Factories Act of 1948, including registration and obtaining a Factory License from the appropriate Department. Our services also involve document upkeep and submission, such as :-

  • Supporting and preparing various returns in accordance with the Factories Act of 1948.
  • The Factories Act of 1948 mandates the keeping of several registers.
  • Providing full support and assistance in testing or equipment, as well as annual report maintenance.
  • Preparation of forms such as: — Change in the name of the manager or occupant in Form No. 2-A as needed.
  • Providing Form No. 18 in the event of an accident or other harmful occurrence, and submitting it by registered mail within 24 hours.