The courts define "sexual harassment" as any unwelcome behaviour of a sexual nature. It can be physical (unwelcome touching or gesturing), verbal (unwelcome lewd remarks, sounds or requests) or visual (unwelcome exposure to sexual imagery). This harassment adversely affects the condition of an individual's employment, and interferes with an employee's work performance creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.

We provide all the assistance towards the prevention and effective resolution of sexual harassment at workplace resulting in a gender friendly, discrimination free workplace.

  • Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy – We assist in preparation and implementation of an Internal Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy. We assist in the formation of the Internal Complaints Committee.
  • Maintenance and Modification – We assist in displaying notices about the organization’s stand on Sexual Harassment or any form of molestation, and in framing and modifying the rules under the Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy.
  • Litigation and Reporting – We represent the cause in front of the District officer, in case of any violation and assist in drafting, preparation and submission of annual report in the prescribed format.
  • Workshops – We conduct periodic workshops and seminars to sensitize employee regarding harassment.